Saturday, 12 September 2009


The town I am staying in is called Hammersmith. I have gotten to know it well at this point. I love these signs they have all around the area!

We have had unusably beautiful weather. I have been able to run, read, and journal by the Thames.

I have been really busy the past few days. Busy pretty much being social. Everyone here has been incredibly kind to me. I have met people through Brendan (mostly his co-workers). What a diverse group of people they are! They hale from all over and are constantly coming and going. Friendships are forever changing, beginning and ending, all over this town.

This past Thursday, we went to a show in the East End. The band is called The Cribs. One of Brendan's friends had an extra ticket and since I am trying to do as many London-ish activities while I am here, there was no reason for me not go to. The show was held in a record store. It was a fun night!

I told my best friend Natalie, the most musically knowledgeable person I know, that I was going to see The Cribs perform. Her response: What cribs????

Last night we went to one of Brendan's co-worker's going-away parties. He is moving back to Toronto after having been here for 10 months.

We got stuck on the Tube for awhile. Someone committed suicide at Victoria Station. How awful. Apparently that happens quite often and this time it was a nun.

It was, however, my first time stuck on the Tube. Needed to be documented.

Brendan's group of friends. Bunch of characters.

We stayed at his friend's flat last night. After a terrible night of sleeping on a chair, this was my view looking out the kitchen window. Parliament, Big Ben, and the London Eye. Not too shabby.

We left the flat to try to get a cab back to Hammersmith. Every one that passed us either did not look our direction, did but didn't stop, or already had passengers. We walked for an hour and a half and then caught a bus. I have lost faith in London's taxi system but got a few great photo shots along the way.

My flat on the Thames and car are waiting for me.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Hammersmith Flat

Just a few photos to show where I have been living for the past week. Everyone has been amazingly kind. And seeing that I have basically taken over Brendan's room with my's a wonder that he hasn't kicked me out by now.

They live above a scuba store!

These are the stairs of death. I almost died trying to get my stuff up them.

These are the amount of clothes/shoes for TWO boys. I will never understand how they are able to consolidate their belongings so well.

Half mine, half Brendan's. We have a lot of stuff on that desk. Random stuff. I am trying to be less anal about clutter. It is hard living out of a suitcase though and constantly reorganizing everything!

How I knew I was in the right place. Not two flags you often see side-by-side though.

Flat shots.

The grocery store across the street that I have been frequenting.

Views from the windows.

When I first got here, Brendan told me that London has the most beautiful skies. Tonight's was lovely.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

St. James Park

I did a search of parks in is a sunny day here :) For St. James Park, this image came up. A prime example of one thing I will not be doing in London.


I ran along the Thames today.It was so lovely. Sidebar: I find myself using lovely a lot here- it is just the most fitting word for what is surrounding me.

Really...who can say they have run along the Thames in their life? And it is literally 5 minutes away from me. Blessed.